Working Groups
Grey Papers
01/07/19: Humans and Institutions 1 (Ivan Illich and Deschooling Society):
The Universal Research Group will be hosting a session on a general theme of "Humans and Institutions,"" but revolving around particular ideas broached in Ivan Illich's critique of compulsory regimented instruction, Deschooling Society, and in part in Tools for Conviviality.

Resources can be found here . We will convene at 7PM; RSVP for location.

04/15/18: Reading Srnicek and Williams:
In conjunction with The Future Left, we will be meeting to discuss two books:
Inventing the Future, by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, and Platform Capitalism, by Srnicek alone.

We will convene in our offices at 2pm.

03/20/18: Focus Group on The New Future of Fast Food
The Universal Research Group is hosting a focus group on a speculative
fast foodery outlined in the grey paper introduction The New Future of Fast Food.

We will convene in our office at 7pm.
Space is limited so, if possible, RSVP by contact.

03/11/2018: Reading Capitalist Realism
The Future Left presents: reading Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism
Convening in our offices, at 2pm.
Texts: EPUB , PDF
02/11/2018: Beyond the Nation-State:
Chosen Polities, Seasteading, and e-Citizenship.

Chosen Polities (parts I, II, and III)
e-Estonia, texts from New Yorker and
"The Seasteaders" documentary, available on