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This site is dedicated to recognizing Max Horkheimer (1895-1973) and Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969), either separately or conjointly, with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Their years in Los Angeles as Jewish émigrés from Nazi Germany were among their most productive— and certainly the most philosophically fertile for the city itself, seeing the conception, partial creation, or publication of Dialectic of Enlightenment, Eclipse of Reason, Minima Moralia, and the namesake of our campaign, The Stars Down to Earth. Yet for all that, there isn't any indication of this anywhere in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Not so much as a plaque.

Frankfurt, on the other hand, does boast of an Adorno Denkmal, or memorial, though surely a bizarre one from the perspective of any Adorno student. The Denkmal consists of a large tempered-glass cube, encasing a writing desk, presumably Adorno's, with a piece of a manuscript and a metronome. Inlaid on the ground around the cube is a maze of Adorno quotes from Negative Dialectics and Aesthetic Theory, an idea-labyrinth protecting the greater public from the man himself. It's an odd tribute: honoring a deeply dialectical philosopher by freeze-framing his legacy in a hermetically-sealed jar.

Our campaign insists on recognizing the role Adorno and Horkheimer played in Los Angeles, and vice versa, as well as doing so in a fitting, negatively dialectical manner.

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